Welcome to our company

STAR OF KINGDOM CONTRACTING SERVICES CO. LTD., became involved with Oil & Gas Industry in Saudi Arabia in 1993.

Our company has become synonymous with protective coating for pressure vessels, columns, off-shore oil rigs, reactors & evaporators of desalinations plants, pipe lines and structural. We are committed to provide our customers with the highest attainable levels of product quality and integrity in accordance with client's specified and contractual requirements.

Latest Projects


Blasting & Painting of 12 Km long Mild Steel Pipe Line Rehabilitation - Phase-II


Recoating of 20 Km-Long Pipe Line from MTBE Plant to Industrial Port, Jubail

Organizational chart

Resources & Facilities

We have great resources and facilities to provide high efficient service for any other task, Our Resources & Facilities are:

Designed By : SKS IT Team

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